Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: What’s Best For Your Pet?

It can quickly become stressful when you go on vacation and have to leave your pet behind. You want the best care for your animal, but how can you know what’s the best option for your dogs and cats: pet boarding or pet sitting?

Both have their pros, as well as their cons. Below, we’ll detail why you should either take your pets to a boarding facility or have someone watch them in the comfort of your own home.

Pet Boarding Pros & Cons

Pet boarding facilities are great for animals that are friendly and love to socialize with other pets. Boarding facilities also allow your pets to exercise and play with other animals, as well as with the trained, expert staff that’s always on hand. Food and medications are monitored in a professional atmosphere. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any strangers coming into your house.

However, pet boarding isn’t recommended for incredibly shy or anxious pets, as being around other animals and strange people won’t do the animal any good.

Some boarding facilities only offer services to dogs or cats, rather than both. Do thorough research prior to making any reservations. When you have both a dog and a cat that needs to be watched, it’s beneficial to find one boarding facility to take them to!

Pet Sitting Pros & Cons

In-home pet sitting is the way to go if you have a shy or anxious pet. If you put these types of animals in boarding facilities, they could harm themselves because they’re so uncomfortable. At home, they have the luxury of being in surroundings they know.

Pet sitting is also extremely beneficial if you have a mix of pets. Finding one boarding facility to take care of your multiple animals — especially if you have a mix of dogs, cats, birds, or other pets — can be really hard. Boarding all of your animals, possibly at different locations, could also become very expensive. 

However, some shy pets are still wary of strangers they don’t know and can even become aggravated towards strange people in their house. A meet and greet with the owner in attendance can help calm nerves, though!

Let Us Take Care of Your Pets

Enjoy your vacation knowing that your pets are in the best hands. We offer both boarding and in-home pet sitting services! We take care of any pet, any time. Contact us to make your reservation here.

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