A well-groomed pet is a happier and healthier pet! For three generations, our grooming specialists have pampered and groomed your pet safely, expertly, and efficiently. Whether your pet needs a full bath, haircut, or just their nails trimmed, we can do it all.

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Bain Cobb, Founder of Tarheel Kennels

Grooming Details

  • Professional, friendly staff with certified experience in animal care
  • Safe, clean tools and appliances
  • Services range from basic grooming to spa treatments
  • Options available specifically for dogs that shed
  • Hair cuts and pampering sessions for dogs with extra long hair
  • Nail Trimming
  • Tailored sessions to help dogs with tangled or matted hair
  • Soothing atmosphere to help relax anxious animals
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Pet Taxi

Don’t have time to transport your pet to and from our facility? For Doggie Day Care or Boarding use our Pet Taxi to easily transport your pet wherever they need to go, including any special events that include our Pet Handling service! Safe and reliable, we’ll help make your day a whole lot easier.