Tips For Having an Amazing Wedding With Your Pets

You’ve already planned your wedding and are counting down the days to your special day. But how are you going to keep your pets calm, fed, and happy throughout?

You’re going to be incredibly busy the day of, so trying to take care of your animals is the last thing you should be worrying about. Whether you’re having your wedding at home or at a venue that allows animals, there are a few things you can do to make your life a little easier. With these tips, you can have an amazing wedding with your pets right there by your side!

Plan Ahead 

As with every aspect of a wedding, planning ahead is key. You’re going to have a lot of guests coming and going during your special day. Determine ahead of time where your pets will be. Are you comfortable letting them roam throughout your house or venue, or only in certain areas?

If the pets are going to be in the wedding, or at least there during the event, you’re going to need a little help. As you plan your wedding ceremony, think of where you’d like your pets to be. With you, or elsewhere?

Be aware of whether or not your pet does well with strangers. As people show up, will your dog be okay or an anxious mess?

Have Someone Handle Your Pets

It’s the day of your wedding. Focus only on that! To make your special day perfect, you obviously want your pets there, and a Pet Handler can make your job much easier.

After planning ahead and understanding just how you want your pets involved with your special day, utilizing a pet handling service can help save you major worries. 

A pet handler will take care of your pets during your event. Whether it’s keeping them behaved during the ceremony or calming them down throughout the day as more and more people arrive, a pet handler will ease you and your pet’s worries. 

Have an Amazing Wedding

Don’t stress the day of your wedding. A Pet Handler will:

  • Help prepare your pets for the ceremony
  • Take care of your animals throughout the day 
  • Manage food and potty breaks

Want your pets to be apart of your special day? Let us assist! We take care of any pet, any time. Click the BOOK NOW button on Facebook or make a reservation online now.

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