How to Help Your Pets As You Head Back to Work

Are you worried that your pets are anxious when you go back to your work office? Separation anxiety in pets is very real — and many pet owners have realized this as they head back to work during this COVID-19 pandemic. Pets have gotten used to having their owners around, and now can struggle as their owners leave for the day again. 

Pet anxiety can appear in a variety of different forms. Dogs, when alone, may have separation anxiety if they:

  • Shake or tremble 
  • Bark constantly
  • Pace back and forth
  • Hide 

Cats exhibit different anxiety behaviors. Cats may:

  • become aggressive, 
  • have more destructive behavior,
  • go to the bathroom outside their litter box.


If you’ve noticed some of these signs, here are a few ways to help your pets as you head back to work!

Create a Steady Routine

Both dogs and cats work best when they have some sort of routine to their day. They love routine, so as you head back to work, prepare them for this change. Try to keep a steady routine each and every day. Feed them at the same time, get them up at the same time, and leave the house at the same time.

It might also help to not be hurried or rushing around in the morning, as this can cause animals to stress as a result of your own stress. So, it might be beneficial for you to wake up early and get ready for work without the fear of being late. Eventually, your pets will get used to this new routine and become adjusted to being alone.

Set Up a Safe Place For Your Pets When You Head Back To Work

It also helps to have a safe place for your animals to rest in while you’re away at work. Dogs like having an open crate to go lie in while you’re gone, so it might help to put a bed in their crate to keep them comfy. Cats, meanwhile, tend to do best in cat condos or with a bed beside a window, so they can look outside and watch all the nature around them. Try to make things as comfortable as possible for your pets in the beginning while you’re away, whether this is with an extra bed or a few more toys for them to play with!

Dog Walking Can Help Ease The Adjustment

Sometimes, if all else fails, it helps to ask for some extra help. Unfortunately, some animals just don’t do well by themselves, especially if you’ve raised a kitten or puppy during quarantine. However, there are many different services that may be able to help you.

Doggy daycare can help your dog socialize and exercise while you’re away at work, while dog walking services can also keep your dog entertained while in the afternoon for a bit while you’re away. In-home pet sitting can also work for cat owners if you’re looking for someone to come check on your cat during the day!

Help Your Dogs and Cats Now

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