3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Are you worried that your pup isn’t living their best life? While we all obviously love having dogs in our families, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy, and living the best life they possibly can.

Give Them a Stable Diet

Making sure you keep your dog on a healthy diet is important. Find them a healthy dog food brand that fits their lifestyle to keep them well fed. If you’re confused or feel your dog doesn’t like their given dog food, feel free to ask your vet if they might need a different type, such as a higher protein option.

Dogs should also rarely eat people food. There are some foods that both dogs and people can eat with no problems. Foods like fish, ham, peanut butter, and turkey are okay for dogs to eat, though never in large quantities. There are also so many types of food that dogs can get incredibly sick from! When in doubt, a quick google search will point you in the right direction.

Let Them Exercise and Socialize Daily

Every dog needs exercise. Daily exercise, whether it be through walks or rounds of fetch, can really go a long way to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Not only will they get this energy out through a fun game or walk, but exercise can also help your dogs sleep better and just become healthier all around.

The same goes for socialization. Dogs are pack animals, so most love to socialize with other pups. If you have another dog in your house, it’s easy for your dogs to socialize. If not, walks or trips to dog parks can help them meet their daily socialization needs! 

Keep Their Coat Clean

Baths and grooming sessions are often needed for dogs, especially if they have long hair. It’s been shown that dogs are actually happier when they’re cleaned and well-groomed! Nail clippings and cutting their hair can help with basic hygiene, but it also has an impact on their health. For example, brushing your dog’s coat can actually help improve their blood circulation! Frequent grooming at home is recommended along with regular visits to a professional groomer.

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy with Regular Grooming

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. Our groomers are professional, experienced, and trained to groom any and every type of dog. We take care of any pet, any time. Get more information and make your reservation here!

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