How to Keep Your Pets Calm During Quarantine

Unfortunately, quarantine and stay at home orders don’t just affect us. They also affect our pets. If you’ve noticed that your animals have been stressed — or worse, aggressive — because of your changing life and household, here are ways to keep your pets calm during this trying time.

How can I quickly calm down my pet?

If you need to deescalate a situation and calm your pet, physical contact — such as petting, holding, etc — and soothing tones can help. Ensuring that your pet is in a safe area, and away from anything that may be causing them stress, can also help calm down your pet.

Keep a Schedule

Both dogs and cats do great when they have a schedule. Whenever your pets are stressed, it helps them to know that they’ll be eating at the same time every day, or going for a walk at the same time every morning. If you’re quarantining or under stay at home orders, a daily scheduled feeding or walk could really help your pets keep calm while dealing with their changing situation. While they obviously love having you home all the time, this change can still potentially stress them out. But a schedule will greatly help!


Scheduling in playtime is also very beneficial to keep your pets calm during any change. A daily walk is great and is also a wonderful bonding exercise for multiple dogs in one household. If your dogs have become aggressive with each other because of their anxiety and stress, exercise and playtime can help keep this aggression at bay.  

If Needed, Separate Pets

Sometimes, your pet’s stress and anxiety can be too much and emerge as aggression after a while. If this happens, it may be helpful to separate your pets to ease tensions. For example, separate your pets when they eat if they become aggressive with each other during mealtime. Eliminate these situations before they get out of hand to ensure that all your animals feel safe and calm at all times. The last thing you want is your dog to lash out at you or other pets because they’ve become too stressed about their current situation. 

Keep Your Pets Calm During Quarantine

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