How to Prep a Dog For Grooming

Getting ready to drop your dog off for their first grooming session, understand how to prep a dog for grooming. Grooming is greatly beneficial to dogs, as it helps keep their coat clean and overall health up. With these simple tips below, you’ll be able to understand how to prep a dog for grooming in no time!

Do dogs feel better after grooming?

Yes, dogs can feel better after grooming! A clean coat equals a healthy dog, and many may feel better to have their fur brushed out and all their loose hair taken off of their coat! If your dog has dry skin, a grooming session can help relieve itching and any uncomfortableness!

How to Prep a Dog For Grooming

To really get your dog ready for their first grooming session, it helps to start preparing them weeks before their appointment. You can’t teach a dog to be comfortable overnight. So, with all of these tips discussed below, always start preparing them at least a few weeks before their real grooming session! 

Hold Your Own Mini Grooming Session

Holding your own mini grooming session is the best way to really prepare your dog for what’s to come. Obviously, you’re not a professional groomer — otherwise, you wouldn’t be taking them to one! However, you can still brush them out and try to keep them still in one place, just as a groomer would. This is a great beginning step on how to prep a dog for grooming.

Be sure to touch them in areas where a groomer will be working, such as their belly, tail, and paws. Run your hands up and down their legs and act as a groomer would. When your dog finally goes to the groomers, these actions won’t be new to them. This can, therefore, eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress your dog could face and make for an all-around good experience! 

Introduce New Appliances Slowly

New appliances and machines can understandably stress a dog out, or even scare them. So, try to acquaint your pup with any new appliances that a groomer would use. Hairdryers are probably the most obvious tool — and some dogs may really not like them. Start to slowly introduce your pet to one by turning it on, yet faced away from them. Start with keeping the hairdryer on for only a few seconds before turning it off, and then gradually increase the time as your dog gets used to it. Every time your pet is near the hairdryer and comfortable with it, give them a treat!

Keep Your Dog Healthy With a Grooming Session

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