Setting Up a Senior Dogs Daily Routine

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Puppies aren’t the only ones who need a daily routine — a senior dogs daily routine can also be very beneficial! As dogs age, having a set schedule can help ease anxiety, keep them fit, learn new tricks, and stop regression. Keep reading to learn more! 

Why You Should Create a Senior Dogs Daily Routine 

Reduce Anxiety

A daily routine for your older dog can significantly help them reduce anxiety. As dogs get older, they often can become disoriented, forget where they are, or feel as if they are lost. If they have a daily routine to rely on, this could happen less, which is always a plus! 

Keep Dogs Fit

A daily routine should always be designed to help with your dog’s exercise, grooming, and various forms of enrichment. Obviously, an older dog might not be able to exercise as they once did. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be physically active!

Daily routines can help keep your older dogs fit and healthy, as a result. Even if your dog’s daily exercise is just going on a short walk, this is still highly beneficial for them! 

Learn New Tricks

Often, people may assume that an older dog cannot learn new commands or tricks. This isn’t true! Older dogs can still learn new tricks — and can learn them as quickly as if they’re young if they have a steady schedule to rely on.

For example, if you take only five minutes out of your dog to train your dog or teach them something new, this will become a habit for your pup, regardless of how old they are! 

Stop Regression

Older dogs can often regress when it comes to some training and behavior, especially in regard to potty training. However, having a daily routine can greatly help with this. 

You may have to change your routine a bit as your dog ages to help stop this regression. For example, it’s recommended that you create more potty breaks for your dog as they age to help keep them from regressing! 

Do senior dogs need daily walks?

Senior dogs still need to be physically stimulated and benefit the most from about 30 minutes of exercise daily. Walks are great ways to help keep older dogs fit and healthy in a relaxed manner that isn’t stressful on their body. 

Plan Your Senior Dog’s Day

Creating a senior dog’s daily routine is essential to keep your older dog happy. You can easily start by thinking ahead and planning what this schedule should look like! Always ensure you have a routine focused on exercise, grooming, and fulfillment. 

Daily dog walks are great additions to any senior dog’s life, however short they may be. Our dog walking services can help! Get more information and make a reservation here

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