Socialize Your Newly Adopted Adult Dogs

Looking for ways to help your newly adopted adult dog socialize? This is a common desire for so many pet parents, especially those who have adopted adult dogs and are looking to help them branch out and socialize while feeling confident they will behave appropriately. Luckily, there are many ways you can go about this, and we detail the top 2 ways to help your dog out below!

Go On Daily Walks

Daily walks are a great way to slowly acclimate your dog to other animals — plus, it’s great for their health! Walks help introduce your pet to many different sights, sounds, smells, and animals. It allows you to teach them proper behavior in a strange environment and what to do when you meet strangers.

At first, your adult dog may be overly excited, skittish, or aggressive with other animals if they’re not used to naturally socializing. However, try not to scold, yank on your dog’s leash, or in any way make them feel threatened. They’ll be very excited and won’t necessarily understand if they’re doing something wrong or that you don’t like them.

Instead, gently pull them in the opposite direction of the dog and remove them from the situation so that they will calm down. Over time, as the two of you bond, seeing dogs out and about won’t make them nervous or anxious, and they’ll slowly work up to socializing with other animals!

Take Your Adult Dog To  Doggy Daycare

Once your dog manages to go on walks without barking at every dog they see, and once they’ve become more open with other animals, it’s time to help them take the next step. If they live alone without any other dogs, it’s a great idea to let them play around with other dogs. After all, dogs are pack animals who love to bond with others.

While you can take your dog to a dog park and watch them play around with others, doggy daycare is a highly beneficial option, especially for adult dogs who are still getting used to socializing. At doggy daycare, a professional team is always there watching over the animals and making sure all are safe and enjoying their time.

At doggy daycare, pups can play with each other, exercise, and socialize to their heart’s content. When done on a routine basis, dogs can really benefit from it — especially adult dogs who need to socialize with others a bit more! 

Help Your Dog Socialize Today

Help your adult dog socialize with other pets today. We can help you out! With our dog walking and doggy daycare services, we can help your dog naturally increase their socialization needs. We take care of any pet, any time. Get more information and make your reservation!

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