How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Everything

Wondering how to stop your puppy from chewing everything? While it may seem impossible, it can be done. With a bit of patience, training, and affection, you can slowly train your puppy to stop chewing things while they’re going through their teething phase.

At what age does a puppy stop chewing everything?

While every puppy is different, puppies stop having teething issues at around six months of age. However, if not properly trained, dogs can still chew things past this six-month threshold.

How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Everything: Provide Them With Enough Toys to Chew

Your puppy is chewing items around your house because they’re going through their teething phase, just like any baby would go through. A puppy’s adult teeth start to come in around 12-16 weeks of age. During this time you might see them start to chew a lot of different objects, and sometimes even you.

Whenever you see them chewing anything they shouldn’t chew, distract them with a noise and quickly give them a toy that they can chew before swiping your item away from them. Trying to take it away from them immediately, without diverting their attention, might initiate a tug of war game that could ruin your object. You obviously don’t want that.

Giving your puppy enough toys to chew on is essential. You should also take the time to interact with your puppy and play around with them throughout the day. Puppies need to be stimulated physically and mentally. If your pup is exhausted because they had a great play session, there’s less of a chance they’ll be on the hunt for something to chew.

Start Training Your Pup

You can also stop your puppy from chewing everything by beginning to train them. As with all forms of training, you should always be patient and never yell at your pup, as this will only confuse and worry them. Instead, gently let them know that they can’t chew certain objects. 

If your puppy is out of this 12-16 week teething range and they’re still chewing everything in sight, it might be time to up the training a bit more. Training this out of your dog is the only way to stop your puppy from continuing to chew things they are not supposed to, especially if they’re still chewing things when they’re out of this teething age. 

During this time, keep objects they can chew out of their reach as much as possible. When you’re gone, it might be beneficial to pen your puppy up to keep them from chewing everything. Find out what works best for your pup and stick with it!

Train Your Puppy Today

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