2 Things to Do If Your Puppy Is Driving You Crazy

We all love puppies, but sometimes those little balls of energy can drive us nuts! Have you found yourself in this position? Here are two things to do if your puppy is driving you crazy.

Keep an Exercise Pattern

Puppies have a lot of energy. One of the main reasons why your puppy may be acting extra crazy is because they simply have a ton of energy bottled up inside of them. It’s important that you let your puppy exert all their energy by creating — and keeping — an exercise routine. Walks at the same time every day, or a period where you play fetch with your pup after work, can greatly help.

Routines are everything for puppies, so try to keep their exercises on a pattern! After they exercise and get rid of their bursts of energy, more than likely your pup will need a nice nap. And, as a result, they’ll hopefully be a little easier to manage later on in the day.

Schedule Nap Times

Just like a baby or toddler, your puppy needs scheduled nap time! It’s normal for a puppy to sleep for at least 17 hours a day. However, if your puppy isn’t calming themselves down and putting themselves to sleep naturally, you might have to step in and enforce nap time yourself.

To do this, put your puppy in their crate with a chew toy to calm themselves down and nap. Try to schedule these nap times after their morning playtime and or after lunch. They might be a little restless at first, but they’ll eventually learn that it’s time to relax. Puppies love routine! 

If your puppy can’t, or won’t, put themselves to sleep, enforce nap time at least two to three times a day. This helps them from becoming cranky and acting out later on in the day, as they’ll be freshly rested!

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