How to Prepare Your Dog For Doggy Daycare

As you begin to think about taking your pup to doggy day care, it’s important to prepare your dog. Doggy day care is an amazing way to help your pet socialize with others, as well as play around and exert energy. However, it’s also necessary to prepare your pet for their time at doggy day care. Not every dog can easily be thrown into a new environment, with a lot of different pups, without their owner. To make things easier for your dog to acclimate to their new surroundings, here are a few things you should help your pup do prior to their first doggy day care visit.

Help Your Pup Socialize

Doggy day care is a social activity. It’s a great place for social dogs to play around with others. Dogs are pack animals, after all, and so many love doggy day care for this reason alone.

However, other dogs are a little shy and may need help getting used to what doggy day care provides. If your dog isn’t as social as others, help them socialize with other dogs before they start attending day care. Take them on walks and get them used to seeing other dogs, to begin with. Then, try taking them to dog parks to help them easily play with others!

Train Your Pet

Making sure your dog is trained is also important. They don’t need to know a crazy amount of commands, but they should know the basics. Help work on your dog’s recall so that they easily come to the staff when they call her. This is incredibly important for your dog and doggy day care staff. 

It also helps if your dog knows how to sit on command. This can help make it easy for staff and your dog to easily greet each other! Make sure your dog also understands what basic words like “No” mean. This doesn’t just help the staff — it helps your dog understand what they can and can’t do at day care! Obviously, the more trained your dog is, the better. But at the very least, ensure that your dog knows these basics above.

Doggy Day Care 

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