How to Take Care of Your Cats While on Vacation

Wondering how to take care of your cats while on vacation? Cats are different creatures than dogs, so sometimes it can become stressful to know what the best option is for them while you’re away. There are two main options you have to properly take care of your cat while you’re gone: having someone take care of them in your house or putting them in a boarding facility. Below, we explain both options and why one may be better for your cat.

How to Take Care of Your Cats While on Vacation

It’s important to never leave your cat home alone while you’re gone. Many people think that cats can survive alone for a short time frame. While cats definitely are more independent than dogs, keeping a cat alone for even a few days can have terrible consequences. Instead, try these two options.

In-Home Cat Sitting

Cats do well when they’re in their own territory, so many owners decide to leave their cats at home, with someone taking care of them, while they are away. While some ask family and friends to watch their little guy, sometimes it really helps to have a professional watch your cat. In-home cat sitting is a service offered by different pet boarding facilities and can make a huge difference in the health and happiness of your cat while you’re gone.

In-home pet sitting is the best option for any pet who doesn’t do well with other animals or people. Plus, it’s highly beneficial for cats who can easily become territorial and long for their home when away. Your cat is probably already slightly stressed that you’re not around. Keeping them home in an area they know well can help keep them happy and calm for the time being! 

Boarding Facilities For Cats

Boarding facilities can also be good options for cats. Some boarding facilities do not extend their services to cats, so it’s important to do proper research before your vacation! 

Boarding facilities ensure that someone is watching your cat at all times and can give them the attention and affection they need while you’re gone. Just like with dogs, some cats don’t do great in boarding facilities if they’re territorial or anxious around other animals.

Are cats stressed when they stay in a boarding facility? 

A common myth is that cats hate boarding and are balls of stress whenever they are in a boarding facility. In reality, every cat is different. Some cats do quite well in boarding once they become adjusted to their temporary living situation, while others take longer to adapt and may not fully enjoy their stay.

Help Your Cat De-stress While You’re Gone

Don’t worry about how to take care of your cats while on vacation any longer. Our in-home cat sitting services can help keep your cat calm and happy while you’re out of town! We take care of any pet, anytime. Get more information and schedule your reservation here!

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